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Feb 17, 2020 18:33 GMT

The documents are organized into several categories:

SMRNA and SMR Documents
Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), Bylaws, General Neighborhood Information
Fire Awareness Documents
Living With Fire, Protection Ideas, Evacuation Plans
Government Documents
Bernalillo County Documents, Forest Health Program, Environmental Quality Profile
Consumer Information Documents
Hantavirus, Plaque, West Nile Virus, Consumer Action Handbook, NM Geologic History
Outdoor Information Documents
Insects & Pests, Composting, Forest Thinning

You may navigate directly to the different documents by selecting one of the links from the pull down menu below:

Feel free to download any of these documents for your personal use.
The document links highlighted in red bold type are new since the last update.

If you have other relevant documents to add, please contact the Webmaster via e-mail at

SMRNA and SMR Documents:

     SMRNA Bylaws (Adopted: June 13, 2000, Last Amended: May 18, 2019) - Click here to download s1 - 97K

     SMR CC&Rs SMR Unit 2 (Phase 1) (Filed 10/25/1995) - Click here to download s2 - 2.4M

     SMR CC&Rs SMR Unit 2 Phase 1 Amendment (Filed 3/24/2008) - Click here to download s3 - 1.3M

     SMR CC&Rs SMR Unit 2 Phase 1 Searchable Transcript, including all amendments - Click here to download s3 - 58K

     SMR CC&Rs SMR Unit 2 Phase 2 (Filed 3/28/2000) - Click here to download s4 - 2.0M

     SMR CC&Rs SMR Unit 2 Phase 2 Amendment (Filed 3/24/2008) - Click here to download s5 - 1.1M

     SMR CC&Rs SMR Unit 2 Phase 2 Searchable Transcript, including all amendments - Click here to download s3 - 60K

     SMR CC&Rs SMR Unit 2 Phase 4 (Filed 10/20/2004) - Click here to download s6 - 5.7M

     SMR CC&Rs SMR Unit 2 Phase 4 Searchable Transcript - Click here to download s3 - 135K

     SMR CC&Rs SMR Unit 2 Phase 5 (Filed 5/10/2005) - Click here to download s7 - 5.8M

     SMR CC&Rs SMR Unit 2 Phase 5 Searchable Transcript - Click here to download s3 - 133K

     Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Charter (Revised 11/1/2010) - Click here to download s7 - 1.3M

     ACC Introductory Letter to SMR Residents (Dated 6/1/2018) - Click here to download s7 - 39K

     SMR Good Neighbor Reminders from the ACC (Published 5/31/2018)- Click here to download s7 - 66K

     Newcomer Information (Revised 10/5/2010) - Click here to download s8 - 68K

     Home Protection Suggestions - Click here to download s8 - 18K

     Bernalillo County Neighborhood Association Ordinance - Click here to download s9 - 856K

Fire Awareness Documents:

     A Beginners Guide to Forest Thinning on Private Lands - Click here to download g11 - 27K

     Adopting Firewise Communities/USA® - Click here to download g1 - 1.3M

     Be Firewise Around Your Home - Click here to download g1 - 587K

     Becoming a Recognized Firewise Community/USA® - Click here to download g2 - 701K

     East Mountain Community Wildfire Protection Plan - Click here to download g5 - 4.4M

     East Mountain Homeowner's Guide (2007) in the Event of Wildland Fire - Click here to download g4 - 179K

     Fire Wise Plant Materials - Click here to download g7 - 73K

     Grass Seed Mixes to Reduce Wildfire Hazard - Click here to download g8 - 31K

     Is Your Home Protected from Wildfire Disaster?
     A Homeowner's Guide to Wildfire Retrofit - Click here to download g8 - 310K

     Living with Drought, Fire, and Bark Beetle - Click here to download g3 - 2.5M

     Living with Fire
     A Guide for the Homeowner - Click here to download g9 - 4.5M

     Home Defense Fire Retardant - Click here to download g11 - 4.2M

     Safer from the Start
     A Guide to Firewise/USA®-Friendly Developments - Click here to download g10 - 4.0M

     Understanding Fire and Fire Behavior - Click here to download g6 - 290K

     Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Hazards
     A New Look at Understanding Hazard Assessment Methodologies - Click here to download g11 - 1.1M

Government Documents:

     Practical Plumbing Handbook - Click here to download g1a - 15M

     Bernalillo Country Redistricting Plan (12/13/11) - Click here to download g1a - 3.8M

     North 14 Sector Development Plan (6/2/11) - Click here to download g1 - 6.7M

     Bernalillo Country Light Pollution Ordinance (2/5/1991) - Click here to download g1a - 113K

     District 3 Profile Map - Click here to download g1 - 2.3M

     District 3 Tijeras Maintenance Patrol - Click here to download g1 - 741K

     East Mountain Forest Health Program-Procedures - Click here to download g2 - 244K

     East Mountain Forest Health Program-Application Form - Click here to download g3 - 52K

     East Mountain Forest Health Program-FAQ - Click here to download g4 - 207K

     East Mountain Environmental Quality Profile - Click here to download g5 - 3.0M

     Traffic Flow for Rural Bernalillo County-2008 - Click here to download g6 - 716K

     East Mountain Neighborhood Associations Locations - Click here to download g7 - 811K

     Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension Service- Click here to download g8 - 222K

     Bernalillo County Neighborhood Association List - Click here to download g8 - 102K

     Bernalillo County Historical Perspective - Click here to download g9 - 6.2M

     Street Address Display Requirements - Click here to download g10 - 91K

     History of Bernalillo County Seal - Click here to download g11 - 47K

Consumer Information:

     Consumer Action Handbook 2009 - Click here to download c1 - 15M

     New Mexico Geologic History - Click here to download c2 - 1.1M

     Hantavirus Brochure - Click here to download c3 - 335K

     Plague Brochure - Click here to download c4 - 284K

     West Nile Virus Brochure - Click here to download c5 - 198K

Outdoor Information:

     Bearwatch's Tips - Click here to download o1 - 1.2M

     2009 BearWatch Safety Info - Click here to download o1 - 58K

     Bear Safety WHile Hiking - Click here to download o1 - 56K

     Backyard Composting - Click here to download o1 - 528K

     Coyote Hazing Field Guide - Click here to download o1 - 1.5M

     Field Guide to Insects and Diseases of Arizona
     and New Mexico Forests - Click here to download o2 - 14M

     One Hundred Common Insects of New Mexico - Click here to download o3 - 2.2M

     A Beginners Guide to Forest Thinning on Private Lands - Click here to download o4 - 2.2M

     Beetle Entomology - Click here to download o5 - 6.1M

     Common Plant & Pest Combinations in the Albuquerque Area - Click here to download o6 - 223K

     Common Conifer Pest in New Mexico - Click here to download o7 - 23K

     2008 Forest Insect & Disease Activity in New Mexico - Click here to download o8 - 24K

     2008 Forest Insect and Disease Conditions Report
     for New Mexico State and Private Forest Lands - Click here to download o9 - 39K

     2008 Forest Insect & Disease Activity on
     State & Private Lands in New Mexico - Click here to download o10 - 14K

     Bad Bug Report - Click here to download o11 - 580K

     Facts on the Pinon Ips - Click here to download o12 - 237K

     Facts on the Pinon Twig Beetle - Click here to download o13 - 200K

     Conifer Pests in New Mexico - Click here to download o7 - 14M

     Xeriscaping-Complete How-To Guide - Click here to download o7 - 38M

If you have other relevant documents to add, please contact the Webmaster via e-mail at

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