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The information on this web page last changed on: Apr 14, 2018

The documents are organized into several categories:

SMRNA and SMR Documents - Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), Bylaws, General Neighborhood Information

Fire Awareness Documents - Living With Fire, Protection Ideas, Evacuation Plans

Government Documents - Bernalillo County Documents, Forest Health Program, Fire Evacuation Plans, Environmental Quality Profile

Consumer Information Documents - Hantavirus, Plaque, West Nile Virus, Consumer Action Handbook, NM Geologic History

Outdoor Information Documents - Insects & Pests, Composting, Forest Thinning

You may navigate directly to the different documents by selecting one of the links from the pull down menu below:

Feel free to download any of these documents for your personal use.

If you have other relevant documents to add, please contact the Webmaster via e-mail at

SMRNA and SMR Documents:

     SMRNA Bylaws (Adopted: June 13, 2000, Last Amended: May 8, 2010) - Click here to download s1 - 94K

     SMR CC&Rs SMR Unit 2 Phase 1 (Filed 10/25/1995) - Click here to download s2 - 2.4M

     SMR CC&Rs SMR Unit 2 Phase 1 Amendment (Filed 3/24/2008) - Click here to download s3 - 1.3M

     SMR CC&Rs SMR Unit 2 Phase 2 (Filed 3/28/2000) - Click here to download s4 - 2.0M

     SMR CC&Rs SMR Unit 2 Phase 2 Amendment (Filed 3/24/2008) - Click here to download s5 - 1.1M

     SMR CC&Rs SMR Unit 2 Phase 4 (Filed 10/20/2004) - Click here to download s6 - 5.7M

     SMR CC&Rs SMR Unit 2 Phase 5 (Filed 5/10/2005) - Click here to download s7 - 5.8M

     Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Charter (Revised 11/1/2010) - Click here to download s7 - 1.3M

     ACC Introductory Letter to SMR Residents (Dated 8/3/2010) - Click here to download s7 - 374K

     ACC Update to SMR Residents (Dated 2/10/2011) - Click here to download s7 - 140K

     Newcomer Information (Revised 10/5/2010) - Click here to download s8 - 68K

     Home Protection Suggestions - Click here to download s8 - 18K

     Bernalillo County Neighborhood Association Ordinance - Click here to download s9 - 1.1M

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Fire Awareness Documents:

     A Beginners Guide to Forest Thinning on Private Lands - Click here to download g11 - 27K

     Adopting Firewise Communities/USA® - Click here to download g1 - 1.3M

     Be Firewise Around Your Home - Click here to download g1 - 587K

     Becoming a Recognized Firewise Community/USA® - Click here to download g2 - 701K

     East Mountain Community Wildfire Protection Plan - Click here to download g5 - 4.4M

     East Mountain Homeowner's Guide (2007) in the Event of Wildland Fire - Click here to download g4 - 179K

     Fire Wise Plant Materials - Click here to download g7 - 73K

     Grass Seed Mixes to Reduce Wildfire Hazard - Click here to download g8 - 31K

     Is Your Home Protected from Wildfire Disaster?
     A Homeowner's Guide to Wildfire Retrofit - Click here to download g8 - 310K

     Living with Drought, Fire, and Bark Beetle - Click here to download g3 - 2.5M

     Living with Fire
     A Guide for the Homeowner - Click here to download g9 - 4.5M

     Home Defense Fire Retardant - Click here to download g11 - 4.2M

     Safer from the Start
     A Guide to Firewise/USA®-Friendly Developments - Click here to download g10 - 4.0M

     Understanding Fire and Fire Behavior - Click here to download g6 - 290K

     Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Hazards
     A New Look at Understanding Hazard Assessment Methodologies - Click here to download g11 - 1.1M

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Government Documents:

     Bernalillo Country Redistricting Plan (12/13/11) - Click here to download g1a - 3.8M

     North 14 Sector Development Plan (6/2/11) - Click here to download g1 - 6.7M

     Bernalillo Country Light Pollution Ordinance (2/5/1991) - Click here to download g1a - 113K

     District 3 Profile Map - Click here to download g1 - 2.3M

     District 3 Tijeras Maintenance Patrol - Click here to download g1 - 741K

     East Mountain Forest Health Program-Procedures - Click here to download g2 - 244K

     East Mountain Forest Health Program-Application Form - Click here to download g3 - 52K

     East Mountain Forest Health Program-FAQ - Click here to download g4 - 207K

     East Mountain Environmental Quality Profile - Click here to download g5 - 3.0M

     Traffic Flow for Rural Bernalillo County-2008 - Click here to download g6 - 716K

     East Mountain Neighborhood Associations Locations - Click here to download g7 - 811K

     Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension Service- Click here to download g8 - 222K

     Bernalillo County Neighborhood Association List - Click here to download g8 - 102K

     Bernalillo County Historical Perspective - Click here to download g9 - 6.2M

     Street Address Display Requirements - Click here to download g10 - 91K

     History of Bernalillo County Seal - Click here to download g11 - 47K

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Consumer Information:

     Consumer Action Handbook 2009 - Click here to download c1 - 15M

     New Mexico Geologic History - Click here to download c2 - 1.1M

     Hantavirus Brochure - Click here to download c3 - 335K

     Plague Brochure - Click here to download c4 - 284K

     West Nile Virus Brochure - Click here to download c5 - 198K

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Outdoor Information:

     2009 BearWatch Safety Info - Click here to download o1 - 58K

     Bear Safety WHile Hiking - Click here to download o1 - 56K

     Backyard Composting - Click here to download o1 - 528K

     Coyote Hazing Field Guide - Click here to download o1 - 1.5M

     Field Guide to Insects and Diseases of Arizona
     and New Mexico Forests - Click here to download o2 - 14M

     One Hundred Common Insects of New Mexico - Click here to download o3 - 2.2M

     A Beginners Guide to Forest Thinning on Private Lands - Click here to download o4 - 2.2M

     Beetle Entomology - Click here to download o5 - 6.1M

     Common Plant & Pest Combinations in the Albuquerque Area - Click here to download o6 - 223K

     Common Conifer Pest in New Mexico - Click here to download o7 - 23K

     2008 Forest Insect & Disease Activity in New Mexico - Click here to download o8 - 24K

     2008 Forest Insect and Disease Conditions Report
     for New Mexico State and Private Forest Lands - Click here to download o9 - 39K

     2008 Forest Insect & Disease Activity on
     State & Private Lands in New Mexico - Click here to download o10 - 14K

     Bad Bug Report - Click here to download o11 - 580K

     Facts on the Pinon Ips - Click here to download o12 - 237K

     Facts on the Pinon Twig Beetle - Click here to download o13 - 200K

     Conifer Pests in New Mexico - Click here to download o7 - 14M

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If you have other relevant documents to add, please contact the Webmaster via e-mail at

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