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This web page provides links to the various items that make up the Newcomer's Packet that is distributed to all newcomers to SMR.  Some of the web links below are restricted to respect the privacy of SMR neighbors.  If you have a reasonable need for access, please for information on how to obtain access.
SMRNA is a Neighborhood Association and NOT a Homeowners Association.  We collect dues on a volunteer basis of $50/year per property.  Membership runs through May of the following year.  Members may join throughout the year on a quarterly pro-rated basis ($12.50 per quarter).  The Hello New Neighbors! Flyer below has the contact information for the SMRNA Welcoming Committee.  The Welcome Letter below has the details for paying the membership dues, including paying your dues using the PayPal "Send to friends and family in the US" option, using the following e-mail address:  Please do consider joining as these dues are used to help beautify and increase the safety of our community.



Download Entire Packet (access is restricted) d0912b 4.9M 
  Hello New Neighbors! Flyer Download d0912b 589K
0. Welcome Letter
  Download d0912b 35K
1. Neighborhood Info      
    SMRNA Web Site Info Download d0912b 52K
    SMR Newcomer Useful Info Download d0912b 46K
    SMRNA Neighborhood Watch Letter Download d0912b 46K
    Home Protection Suggestions
Download d0912b 18K
2. SMR ,
      Download d0912b 214K
      Download d0912b 206K
Download d0912b 397K
3. ,
    Download d0912b 92K
    (All) Download d0912b 387K
    Download d0912b 39K
    Download d0912b 66K
Download d0912b 1.3M
4. Community Info      
    Forest Fire Evacuation Download d0912b 66K
    Bear Watch
Tips for Hiking in Bear Country
Camping in Bear Country
Tips for Hiking in Cougar Country
Download d0912b 41K
5.   Download d0912b 215K

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In addition to the above information,
the SMR Newcomer may find additional useful information on the following SMRNA web pages:


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